Scopes of action

Tourism and Leisure

We provide global coverage to the tourism, travel, and leisure industry.
We have our services divided into four large areas.
We offer personalized and global solutions.

Mergers and acquisitions

We mediate in asset purchase and sale processes. We advise on the process, carry out company valuations, and have extensive experience in conducting Due Diligence.

Management Consulting

Operational Efficiency: We analyze and make specific proposals for improvement in different management fields such as purchases, energy efficiency, analysis of ratios, and group results, compared with industry standards. Actions to implement to improve them, sales channels,digital transformation, improve labour efficiency, or legal advice.

Reorganization and growth: Alignment objectives with the existing management model, proposals improvement, new services, and market niches. Internationalization.

Interim Management

We are directly involved in the group’s management at the level defined with the client, with specific objectives and a deadline to achieve them. We help to solve profitability problems, focus, management models, or survival problems. At a functional level, we go deep to change what does not work without diverting internal human resources.

Asset Management

We work together with the owner in two main areas.

  • Management monitoring of the operator as representatives of the owner.
  • Profitability analysis and compliance with plans defined by and with the management company.
  • Make proposals for improvement.
  • Product positioning analysis by the management company.
  • Purchasing processes and services
  • Labour efficiency (dimension, management models)
  • Audits
  • Mystery guest for owners
  • National and international expansion, with special focus on the caribbean and latam.
  • Construction of hotels, projects, management of permits and licenses.
  • Opening of hotels.
  • Investment profitability analysis.
  • Set up own manager for a hotel group.
  • Change of hotel manager.
  • Advise model of contract and relationship with the hotel manager.
  • Assemble a csr plan.
  • Digitalization and sustainability plan definition.
  • Energy transition and carbon footprint